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Screw Machine

Staying true to the tradition of Warren Precision Products, we still utilize the high production capabilities of screw machines.

The screw machine has continued to be an essential part of meeting high production needs. These machines have been well maintained throughout the years, which lets us continue to hold tight tolerances consistently to this day. We produce hundreds of different rings, bolts, screws and other fasteners, thousands at a time.

Surprisingly, the screw machine's cams drop a part faster than most CNC machines. This ability to decrease cycle time gives WSM the advantage of running parts at a competitive price.

Screw Machines

Brown & Sharpe CNC 2G (x3)Brown & Sharpe CNC 0G (x2)Brown & Sharpe 2G (x10)Brown & Sharpe 0G (x7)Brown & Sharpe 00G (x3)Brown & Sharpe 00 Ultramatic (x2)



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