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Milling is an integral part of Warren Precision Products' operations. Though Multi-Axis lathes and Swiss machines have cut down the number of 2nd operation parts we used to do, there is still a strong demand for milling-only parts. So we not only rely on milling to finish some jobs but also process parts complete.

We currently offer 4th Axis capability for our CNC Bridgeport machine. Having the option of a 4th axis lets us cut keyways on shafts and meet other needs for critical parts. Over the years a number of our manual milling machines have been converted to CNC. This conversion has given us the ability to run parts more efficiently in the Milling Department and gave us an increase in accuracy.

While our Milling Department does complete many secondary operations, it does find a niche in producing heatsinks. We produce a number of different heatsinks for the aerospace market each year. Our knowledge and capability in milling has furthered our capability on the lathe side of the business.

CNC Milling Machines

HAAS VFOBridgeport (x3)

Manual Milling Machines

Bridgeport (x7)

Horizontal Milling Machine

Brown & Sharpe



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