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Grinding has had a significant impact here at WPP in terms of us being able to meet our customer’s' delivery demands. Our investment in grinding helps us to process-grind and finish-grind parts for the aerospace industry. We utilize both a CNC Mitsubishi Grinder and a Manual Studer grinder for these two operations.

Grinding in house, like other special processes, gives us greater control over both cost and delivery. We no longer need to rely on a grinding house with higher costs and longer lead times. Our grinding operations have an equally critical inspection routine. Over the past couple of years we invested in the best optical laser inspection equipment. This new Laser Micrometer lets us read .000012"” (12 Millionths) of an inch. This detection method is necessary for the tight tolerances that we must hold on a daily basis.

Our Grinding area shows the flexibility we have at our shop: being able to provide a complete solution to your parts needs all under one roof.

CNC Grinding

Mitsubishi Grinder

Manual Milling Machines

StuderSurface Grinder (x3)



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