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CNC Turning

Warren Precision Products offers a variety of options when it comes to machining capabilities, and we use the latest CNC technology when it comes to processing your parts.

We have amplified these capabilities recently with the addition of an Okuma LB-3000 MYW lathe. This marks our fourth Multi-Axis Machine and first machine with a sub spindle pickoff. WSM has been fortunate to keep up with our customers' expanding expectations by investing in machines that can meet our increasing production demands.

Our improvement in the CNC Lathe department goes beyond just purchasing machines and into Continual Improvement Projects. Our CNC department consistently holds tolerances of .0002" in our typical machines, while our precision machine can hold ± .000080" (80 millionths). The ability to hold such tight tolerances gives us an opportunity to eliminate grinding and provide our customers a more competitive price.

It has been a focus for us at WPP to continue to grow in our CNC Lathe department. We have a proven track record for producing high quality parts and tackling difficult projects for our customers. We hope to be able to provide you with the same skills set that we use for our current customers towards your project’s' needs.

Multi-Axis Machine

Okuma LB-3000 MYWOkuma LB-300 MYHitachi Seiki HiCell 23Hitachi Seiki HiCell 20

Multi-Axis Machine

Okuma CaptainOkuma Heritage LN6Okuma Cadet (x5)Hitachi HT20RIIIHardinge Quest



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