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CNC Swiss

Warren Precision Products offers an array of bar capacity options when it comes to our Swiss machines. We find the Swiss machines offer us the most economical machining choice for any range of small complex parts. The Swiss machines provide us with the opportunity to machine both ends of a part, externally and internally, and to create these involved parts in one operation. We utilize our machining knowledge with our experienced creativity to use this area to tackle many machining problems.

The greatest asset the Swiss machines provide us is the ability to produce precise, intricate parts quickly. The majority of the parts we run through our Swiss machines are low volume with high complexity.

We have seen strong growth in the demand for producing parts that require Swiss technology. This demand has been driven by the increase in aerospace and electronic customers. Meeting tight tolerances while maintaining complex geometric relationships has spearheaded this increase in production. We look forward to seeing how your complex parts can present us with our next challenge.

Multi-Axis Swiss Machine

Citizen Cincom L-32 (x3)Citizen Cincom L-25Citizen Cincom L-20Citizen Cincom L-16



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